by Iron Mountain

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Thanks for your support. It's been fun.


released March 6, 2014

Written by Iron Mountain, recorded and mixed by Joe Corey at The Soundhouse.



all rights reserved


Iron Mountain Redding, California

thanks for the fun times. we're currently on a sort of hiatus. We may return someday depending on many circumstances.

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Track Name: Realizing
If I could find the words...
could I convince myself I know all the answers?
Maybe a tiny spark
could get me going again...

(The spark that burns out when I cannot survive...
the story of our lives)

Is this really what all of these people have?
The thing that I lack that keeps me separated from them...
I do my best because what fucking choice do I have?
Cooperate or you'll be left behind in the dust...

Ya, I hang suspending from mountains
of struggles I can't seem to cope with.
They say, "Don't look down at the bottom."
But I think that's part of the problem.
Track Name: Accepting
I've tried so hard
to understand the people that I know.
It's so damn hard,
because everyone seems to be out of control...
Just like me.

But who am I to wonder what's inside
someone elses mind?
When I'm so trapped in mine,
for such a long time.

And who am I to try and guess
what's beyond these lines we place in our lives?
We're so trapped in time...
(Trapped in time)

When I saw you last,
why'd you look so fucking sad?
Remember our past?
How'd we get so broken down?
Track Name: Bounty (featuring hXp)
Mindless drones with hollow faces.
A dying dream everyone chases.

Is this who you want to be?
(A servant to this machine)
Minimum wage prophecy.
(The land of opportunity)

I can't replace all this time
I've spent punching cards for a dime.
Hoping that I'll make it by.
(Wondering why I'm alive)

They make it sound so easy
to carve a spot in the world.
But days turn into decades,
before you know it you're too damn old.

How many lives are wasted?
How many minds are lost?
(Left to rot in the dirt)
Track Name: Tides
Where the hell is our direction?
Is anyone paying attention?
Have you ever got the feeling
that we were meant for something different?

It seems to me we've lost our way
to break through these distractions.
It's gotten really hard to see
just what's beyond these problems.

It might be the end
like a book with a missing page...
You just want to know what happens next.

We didn't ask to live this way.
Like dying animals trapped in a cage.

I know you don't think it's our time.
But I think we could change the tides.
With collective effort of our minds,
this could be the start.
Track Name: Blackout
Now I'm hanging my head down,
and I'm not sure that I've got the right stuff.
(I watched as headlights disappeared around the corner)

I feel the sadness on my brow
as the memories come crashing down.
(I turned around and walked straight into empty darkness)

And now I'm out here in the night
chasing after these elusive shadows.
(Wisps of myself disappear below the treeline)

I guess I didn't really think this over
enough to fully understand
the way that everything would change
(It's not like I've just laid here on my back)
Waiting for those heavy words
to hit me in the hardest way
(I've tried so hard, I failed but I'm okay)
And I know I gave everything,
every single piece of me...

I've tried to find that piece of my heart
I left behind that night in the dark...
I can't find anything... I can't see anything...

I'll sit right in this spot
Until the sun comes up...
Thanks for reaching out,
but it's just not enough.
I really wish I'd known
just what this meant to me...